“It was late last year, around mid-September, when I finally surrendered to the fatigue. The months preceding had been besieged by nonstop work, paralyzing anxiety, and what felt like a gushing waterfall of stress. I was 30, and like a handful of friends who’d shared comparable stories, felt increasingly and exponentially overwhelmed by the dizzying pace I thought I needed to maintain in order to succeed at adulthood.”

(Excerpt taken from WIRED 11.20.17, “These Days, ‘Self-Care’ Means More Than Just Escape” by Jason Parham)



The Attic Loft

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Remote Therapy


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The Country Annex

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“Mary's style is very conversational and down-to-earth which made it easy for me to open up about things I never even thought I'd say out loud. Her warmth and humor helped me through some difficult times.”