Emerging Adulthood

It was late last year, around mid-September, when I finally surrendered to the fatigue. The months preceding had been besieged by nonstop work, paralyzing anxiety, and what felt like a gushing waterfall of stress. I was 30, and like a handful of friends who’d shared comparable stories, felt increasingly and exponentially overwhelmed by the dizzying pace I thought I needed to maintain in order to succeed at adulthood.
— Jason Parham, WIRED 11.20.17

Life during your 20 and 30 is marked by academic and career ambitions, navigating friendships and romantic relationships, and enduring major life transitions. While this time is full of opportunities and growth, the pressure you feel from bearing the weight of your growing responsibilities and having to make consequential decisions about your future feels overwhelming. I have years of experience working with emerging adults experiencing the myriad of challenges, losses, and "unfinished business" that can surface during this period. I offer non-judgmental support and provide practical solutions to relieve your troubling symptoms so that you may embrace your life with confidence, purpose, and passion.